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Warner, NH – January, 23, 2014, Warner Power produces customized AC and DC electronic ballasts, ranging from 75 to 800 watts, which are used to ignite and power high intensity xenon, mercury and metal halide lamp types. These ballasts are used in various end markets, including medical and dental devices, UV curing, architectural applications, TV and entertainment lighting.

Warner Power announced today that it has been issued U.S. Patent No 8,476,839 B2 entitled, “Electronic Method to Improve the Starting Characteristics of Direct Current Arc Lamps” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The invention relates to methods of igniting Direct Current (DC) Arc Lamps; more specifically, it addresses the issue of ignition-reliability. The method features a starting circuit which comprises a resonant network to extend the ignition pulse with a train of high voltage pulses. The ringing provides the necessary energy to maintain the arc until the drive current reaches steady state, therefore, operating the lamp in a constant-current mode.

Dr. Souheil Benzerrouk, Warner Power CTO commented, “With this innovative approach, Stan was able to deliver a ballast capable of igniting Arc Lamps with 100% ignition-reliability. This latest patent adds to our comprehensive IP portfolio further protecting our ballast platform and the products derived there from.”

Stanislaw W. Swiderek, Principal Engineer at Warner Power and the inventor of this technology.

Cathe Lisk, Communications Coordinator
Office: 603-456-4465

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