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Technical Overview

The SafeArc Xenon ballast is the drop-in solution for medical, industrial, and scientific lighting systems.

The SafeArc Xenon ballast meets international requirements for harmonic distortion, voltage fluctuation and flicker, and EMC immunity requirements. Our ballast will speed you through the safety agency testing and approvals process, saving you time and money by shortening the design cycle of your product.

The onboard ignitor automatically starts hot or cold lamps when power is applied to the ballast.

The ballast features an integral EMI/RFI filter to minimize conducted emissions while complying with medical low leakage current requirements. This ballast was designed to generate low radiated EMI which saves you time and money during the safety agency approval process.

The auxiliary DC outputs produce power regardless of whether the lamp is on or off and they meet the SELV isolation standards required for most medical applications.

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