Macro Magnetics


The FurnaStar platform from Grand Power Systems combines over 50 years and 3GVA of global power systems experience with the latest power control technologies and advanced magnetics materials. The robust design includes precision RMS voltage and current measurements, stable control, reliable SCR drives, an intuitive HMI for diagnostics, easy field deployment, calibration and loop tuning functions, and a wide range of remote interface protocols.


  • Single and multiple zone with independent controls
  • Fully programmable with up to 100 process steps
  • Integrated cooling
  • Analog and digital interface options
  • High precision RMS measurements
  • Robust control algorithm for heating applications
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and feedback

For specifications regarding precision control, multiple outputs, environmental, cooling, safety, reliability and mechanical data, as well as communication options, available displays and data outputs please download our brochure or give us a call.


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