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A great number of users have requested us to support some of our older Termiflex® terminals. Many of these devices have been in service for 18-20 years. In many cases, we have been able to create and stockpile discontinued components so as to repair and keep these old-timers in operation. We will continue our policy of supporting these products as supplies last.

We have good news for easy replacement for the majority of these older products. Many of our customers have moved to our newer products through the use of emulation. In most cases, our customers are experiencing complete application emulation with our newer products and at less cost per terminal.

The following is a list of terminals that we currently emulate on our newer products:

HT/10 HT/40
HT/12 ST/32A
HT/20 & CD/20 HT/1000

Before contacting us, please have the serial number or part number of your terminal handy.

The serial number is 5-6 digits and is located on the label on the back of the terminal.
The part number has the following 10-digit format: 99-xxxx-xxxx.

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