Macro Magnetics

transformers and filters for elevator applications

Macro Magnetics has been a trusted partner for reliable and durable dry type transformers and filters for people moving applications for over 35 years. A dedicated customer service and engineering staff with decades of experience are available to assist you with your specific application requirements.

Three Phase Drive Isolation Transformers
Macro’s drive isolation transformers are elevator duty rated to ensure reliability. A unique space saving design allows cabinets to be stacked when coupled with our filters allowing conservation of space in tight equipment room installations.

DC Filters and Assemblies
Macro’s filters and assemblies are designed to handle the rugged demands of motor drives. All Macro’s filters include a capacitor filter network and input protection. Filters are elevator duty rated and may be stacked when coupled with our drive isolation transformers.

Please download our elevator literature if you would like more specifics with regard to the breadth of our product line and the options we have available.

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