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The Daykin PS Series of DC Linear Power Supplies has a 460 / 480 VAC input with a 24 VDC output. The range is from 5 amps through 75 amps.

The power supply comprises a high quality transformer, with copper windings and electrostic shielding, feeding a high quality bridge rectifier, with a full load output ripple of < 1% RMS.

The 5 amp units have a single phase input. The 10 amp through 75 amp units are three phase. The 5 amp, 10 amp and 25 amp devices are available open or enclosed construction. The 50 amp and 75 amp are furnished enclosed only.

The enclosed units are furnished in a non ventilated enclosure with a gasketed cover.

certification also available, contact the factory.

Switching power supplies are available for an extended range.

Contact Daykin specialists directly at 844-383-8644, or

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