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daykin electricDaykin Electric furnishes quality electrical products to the world’s automotive machine tool market. Daykin is well known for its extensive line of transformer disconnects. When wired to the line side of the control panel’s main disconnect, the transformer disconnect provides a safe, accepted source of power for components that need to remain energized when the main disconnect is turned off.

Common applications include providing a separate circuit for control panel lighting, computers, PLCs, HMIs, and convenience receptacles.

The Daykin AC/DC power line is too extensive to include all of the various sizes and power configurations within a single catalog. Daykin cordially invites you to build a power supply for your particular requirements. This powerful interactive website permits you to create a power supply to your individual application. Drawing from a wide selection of standardized modular components, this approach provides economical tailored solutions with the highest reliability and ready availability.Daykin AC/DC power supplies offer solutions throughout the following ranges:

Power: 0.5kVA to 50kVA
Input Voltage: 120-600 V, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 5,12,15,24,48 VDC & 120-600 V

Additional product selections available include choices of disconnects, fusing, protection devices.

Daykin offers a full line of data cabling solutions to meet your connectivity needs.

The Daykin Convenience Port allows access to the programmable controller / computer network without having to open doors or de-energize the main disconnect.

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