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Rugged Handheld and Panel Mount Terminals

Termiflex® is the leader in custom, rugged, handheld and panel mount terminals for operator interface applications. Termiflex® pioneered the market for more than a quarter century ago and continues to offer the broadest experience in Custom Design Solutions. Standard technologies are utilized and/or proprietary technology to achieve your specific application needs.

Cooperation, joint planning and teamwork between our Engineering Group and your group are the single most important key to successful new product launch. Whether your specification calls for one of our standard products to be slightly modified or a complete new design, our experience and knowledge will go a long way to insure your success.

Standard Custom Features* Here is a list of some of our Standard Custom Features:

Private Labeling Custom Wiring
Custom Application Keypad Special Emergency Stop Switches
Custom Case Colors Special Live Man Switches
Custom Cables and Connectors Custom LED Indicators
Custom Software Special Packaging

*For more detailed information on Standard Custom Features, Click on OT30 or OT50 Configuration.

Contact Termiflex® specialists directly at (603) 456-4443, or fax (603) 456-3754, or

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