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Metal Halide Ballast Technical Overview

The SafeArc metal halide ballast is the drop-in solution for entertainment, medical and industrial lighting systems.

These convection cooled ballasts are fully enclosed and have a separate ignitor for added design flexibility. The ballasts are capable of operating a full line of metal halide lamps from 150-400 watts, and are designed and manufactured with some of the most advanced features and options available in the lighting industry.

The SafeArc electronic ballast generates continuous, symmetrical output current in the form of a square wave. This produces a high quality, flicker-free lamp output at any camera speed or angle. These ballasts also feature low ripple current, which stabilizes the lamp arc and reduces electrode degradation, thereby extending lamp life.

SafeArc ballasts provide the ultimate in reliability. Our patented arc-to-ground technology incorporates circuitry designed to protect the ballasts from accidental arcing of the ballast output to ground. This technology shuts down the system before any damage is done to sophisticated electronic components.

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